Your desires have wings
Like previous precedents, you talked about projects, good plans, initiatives, which, in turn, will give you
matter to your desires and wings to your ideas. Explore the alpine lakes, make wild bouquets, create your moodboard, visit the publisher’s salon, optimize a micro-duplex, build on a pilot, restore a historic building, build light, build nomad …

About construction, I give you an anecdote … from 1864, which kept its pungency. Imaginary dialogue between an architecture and its command: « In what style of architecture do you want to build your house? Asks the first. The stunned man suggests to suggest that he wants a simple, comfortable house, in no style except the comfortable style (…).

The architect persuaded him that all styles are now comfortable and he lists the innumerable possibilities. The customer then rebels: « I do not want any style at all! Look at me, I’m a man with very simple tastes: I’m neither classical nor Elizabethan – I do not think I’m Renaissance and I’m sure I’m not medieval. LUXURY WOODEN CHALETS IN FRENCH ALPS HAUTE SAVOIE

Our editorial line to Cozy is that, no big movements, no big words, no off-title, non-price, to say it in
a word, no bluff. How to your life is a selfie

Your most beautiful home … that you may be able to be thanks to the first Living Real Estate Mountain (SIM) that we organize in Lyon, from 11 to 13 October.

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